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Thread: History of Coffee

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    History of Coffee

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    We watched on Friday night a great movie: "A good shepherd", a De Niro film with Matt Damon and gorgeous Angelina.... a movie about the early history of the CIA.... anyway, we just wanted to know something we saw in the movie that cought us unaware:
    What was the CIAs involvement in the COFFEE war of the last century? It appeared to us that the United States had a direct influence in the production of coffee coming out of South America, and in particular CUBA?????? or maybe Colombia.... we are not sure, as it was a little blurry, but there was a scene where the American released a plague of locust on the coffee plantations and totally wiped out that countrys main source of income..... we just wanted to know whether this actually happened or not? And which country was it and why it happened?
    Does anyone know the history of coffee to this extent?

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    Re: History of Coffee

    I dont know either but am looking forward to finding out. Nothing would surprise me when it comes to the CIA.

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