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Thread: Buying 2nd hand grinder

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    Buying 2nd hand grinder

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Anyone here has bought a 2nd hand grinder? Is there any problem/disadvantage?
    Im thinking whether I should buy new or 2nd hand.

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    Re: Buying 2nd hand grinder


    If buying a commercial grade grinder..... it can save you some dollars. They are well built and will last for ever. You might need to replace the burrs..... but that is about all. Ive had two such grinders (both La Cimbali/DRM)...

    However is buying a domestic grade grinder - they are not built to the same standards and a significant part of their life has been used. If they have had low usage and been well looked after.... then (depending on the price) they might be a good buy.... but these arent that expensive new.... and come with a warranty which can be VERY useful....

    Id personally be hesitant to purchase a second hand domestic grade grinder..... unless I knew its history.

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