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Thread: Boiling & filtering water for drinking

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    Boiling & filtering water for drinking

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    Do you boil/filter your drinking water?
    For me - *I boil it with electric kettle, wait for it to cool down and then
    filter it using a Brita jug. It tastes so much better than straight tap water.

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    Re: Boiling water for drinking


    I dont need to boil the drinking water as I live in Sydney :)
    It has some chlorine in it that I can smell sometimes.

    If you boil water then cool it then it will have less dissolved gasses in it. Unlike soluble solids the solubility of gases decreases as the temperature of water rises. Hence the amount of dissolved gases like CO2, Cl, O2 will lower as the water comes to boil. When it cools there wont be any chlorine and less O2 than before. Hence it will taste different.

    Some dissolved gases and ions contribute to taste. So compared to a nice tap water or to clean stream water from a creek boiled water may taste "flat".

    PS. Water at Jenolan Caves forms calcite rafts in the kettle and a layer of calcite at the bottom of the kettle after just a few weeks. Its so hard that hair shampoo has hardly any lather. It would be "death by calcite" to a nice coffee machine :-)


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    Re: Boiling & filtering water for drinking

    Unless the water tasted really bad, or there was a boil water alert, Id avoid either boiling or filtering - exceptions being water that goes through my coffee machine and ice cubes ;)

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