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Thread: Got My New Tamper! Question on tampers.

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    Got My New Tamper! Question on tampers.

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    Hey guys,

    Long time since i posted last!
    Got my new Tamper today! Thanks CoffeeParts And Andy F!
    Also i was telling a friend what the tamper was for, he came to the conclusion that it was how you made a flat white! ::)

    Anyway was just curious about what sort of tamper is the best, or could you have a really old basic tamper, or is it more how you tamp the coffee itself other then what sort of tamper you have.

    Thanks guys

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    Re: Got My New Tamper! Question on tampers.

    While still a realtive newbie at the whole coffee making process I am drawing closer to the elusive 25 second shot. My view is that the tamper is v. important. I could get reasonable tasting drops using the default plastic tampers that came with my previous and current machine but once I got a proper tamper it made a big difference.

    What I found is critical is the first tamp which helps ensure an even puck- I couldnt achieve that with the plastic tamper. I now tamp lightly and check that the top of the tamper is level with the top of the basket then do my second tamp. I now regret not having spent the extra money on a Pullman tamper as they have rings on the edge to help ensure the tamper is level. Plus you can buy a matching basket which ensures the correct fit. My current tamper is a bit smaller than the basket so some grounds remain clinging to the edge.

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