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Thread: Halloween Haunted House 2008

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    Halloween Haunted House 2008

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    Well Im doing it all again and of course making it bigger and better than the previous years.

    I am creating a Haunted House at my work for both Kids and Adults this time and opening it up to the public to become my next victims. Australia does not have anything really for those who wish to celebrate halloween so I have made it my mission to bring a little bit of scariness to the shore of OZ.

    This year we are hosting 2 sessions a night (first session for the younger kids with not much spooking going on except some spooky music and the occasional prop jumping popping up) But in Session 2 All hell will break open with Mental Zombies running around, Psychotic Insane inmates banging their cages and a Chainsaw dude running after you. All in the Haunted House called "The Arena Asylum"

    If you are in perth and want to check it out ( A small fee for entry) the Haunted house will run from Wed 29th October to Saturday 1st November. First session starts at 5:30pm.

    Hang around afterwards for a little BITE to eat as well as some carnival type stalls.

    PM me if you want more info.

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    Re: Halloween Haunted House 2008

    what a great idea, im sure it will be a huge success. friends of mine in denver usa have done this for years, it has grown to a point where they run 3-4 haunted houses annually. one year they bought rubber alien suit and props from a movie studio that was in the movie aliens and ran a haunted house they called "alien adventure". apparently you could only be in the suits for 5 mins at a time. they do really well and get over 50000 visitors each year for the month. they couple discounted entry for a canned food donation and donate tons and tons of canned food to homeless charities too..

    have a look at for a list of their and other haunted houses running in denver this year.....

    good luck

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