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    website help

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    Guys, i need some help setting up the website for my new mobile cafe venture. I have purchased the domain name and have also purchased a small business hosting package. Now, HOW THE HELL do i get this to all work together. I used the bigpond website builder to build the site and uploaded it, no probs exept that how do i get it to show up under the domain name instead of the server location that telstra gave me. Then when i went to update the website it now wont update and all the graphics have errors, it was nearly working now im tearing my hair out, any pointers from the web techs out there, cheers Aus

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    Re: website help

    you need to update the DNS name servers to point to your host.

    Is it hosted by the same place you got bought the domain name from?

    eg. you have your domain registered with domain central and hosting with bigpond.
    you need to login to your domain central account and change your DNS nameservers to whatever bigpond specifys. Maybe - and

    - this is just an example, login to your bigpond account to find out the right names etc.

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    Re: website help

    Hi ausheli

    I would suggest going and getting 3 quotes from places that specialise in developing web sites. Ditch Pigpond Builder. Your website should look professional and work perfectly if you really need it. The places that develop the web site for you can also arrange hosting and the hosting place can arrange all DNS setting for you. It will cost you maybe $2000 at a guess for a simple static site.

    If you know any small business owners that have website ask them who did theirs.


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    Re: website help

    Hi Ausheli
    PM me with your details and i an give you a quote if needed, we deal with small business websites and the like, hosting and/or design as required by our clients.
    or if you just want no strings advice i am happy to help as well.


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