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Thread: parting with old coffee gear

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    parting with old coffee gear

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Does anyone else find it hard to part with old coffee gear? I have my em0480 and Gaggia Classic sitting in my spare room, forlornly, but I cannot bring myself to put them up for sale. I dont know why, I could definitely use the cash since upgradeitis made a poor man of me, but I learned so much and put a lot of effort into the classic especially.

    Meh, this would probably be more appropriate under the Its Just Coffee thread. :)

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    Re: parting with old coffee gear

    I still have my Cafe Crema and Em0480 in the kitchen in case my new machines let me down. One must have a contingency plan. :D

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    Re: parting with old coffee gear

    I gave my old coffee maker to an employee
    Went to a good home


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    Re: parting with old coffee gear

    Ive still got 2 vintage old baby gaggias. One like the one on the left here <----- and a white one, a bit newer early 80s. That orange one was my first real machine.....

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    Re: parting with old coffee gear

    I gave my first baby Gaggia to some really close friends. They now have a passion for coffee that Im sure would not have developed without it.
    I did grieve slightly - I remember when I first tried my BZ99S I wanted to send it back - I made a dreadful cup of coffee - within 2 hours I was churning out masterpieces, the panic subsided and I fell in love with Bezzera.


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    Re: parting with old coffee gear

    I havent found it too hard to part with old coffee gear of late. I had managed to collect a few weird and wonderful devices over the years as I learned more and more about coffee. I even had this odd little electric thing at one point that was basically a moka pot.

    It wasnt hard to part with my old Breville and Sunbeam machines, mainly because Id pushed them too hard and they died! I still have a grinder left that one day Ill pull apart, clean and get working again. The I have to decide if my parentals get it or I take it to work, get it tagged and tested and then leave it in the little kitchen our engineers use that has recently gained a breville ikon.

    Im resisting upgraditis at the moment but I have already decided that Rocky and Silvia wont be going anywhere once they are replaced. Ever since I discovered that they can fit into a couple of milk crates and then sit very happily in the back of my boot and still leave plenty of space for bags when going on holidays I knew that Id be keeping them as my travel kit!

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