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Thread: an idle thought... coffee balloon?

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    an idle thought... coffee balloon?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Well, i was just squeezing the gas out of a bag of panama boquet that is in the recesses of my pantry, and boy did it need it, the bag was swelled up like a balloon.... got me thinking.... Could you inflate a balloon by filling it with freshly roasted coffee beans, tying a knot and leaving in a cool place?

    If noone else has tried or thought of it, I may give the experiment a shot some time soon.

    I dont get out enough do i? :)

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    Re: an idle thought... coffee balloon?

    I donít think the beans will generate enough gas to even fill a tenth of a balloon
    But you could try and prove me wrong

    P.S. - Raphec "no I dont think you get out enough" ::)


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    Re: an idle thought... coffee balloon?

    I think it will be a "sacrificial" test though raphec, dont think the beans will be very nice after sitting inside a rubber balloon for a few days.... :P


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    Re: an idle thought... coffee balloon?

    Its obvious to me you dont get out enough. With all that coffee gear you have why would you.

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    Re: an idle thought... coffee balloon?

    Raphec I suspect the wall strength of the balloon would be too great. You could try a disposable glove though.

    On the subject of getting out more, maybe it should be a poll :

    Does Raphec (as a representative sample of Coffeesnobs) get out enough?

    Might be the most one sided poll ever that didnt ask about messy ends to spammers.

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