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Thread: Old beans from a roaster

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    Old beans from a roaster

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    A whinge Im afraid...

    My husband picked up some beans from our local roaster in New Lambton on Saturday to tide us over until our next BrownBay delivery... they are over 4 weeks old off-the-shelf! And they arent the type that taste great at that age either.

    Not only that, but he first purchased an incorrect pre-packed blend by accident, hadnt even walked out the small shop when I phoned him and asked him to swap them - and they wouldnt! So he bought this pack as well... the right blend, but aged beyond recovery. >:( >:( >:(

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    Re: Old beans from a roaster

    Well, I guess the good thing is that you now know where not to go for your beans.

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    Re: Old beans from a roaster

    Very poor customer service.

    I think theyve probably lost more in future sales than they made in the short term that day.

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