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Thread: First Coffee, I am so Proud

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    First Coffee, I am so Proud

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    My 4 year old fisnished eating his Taco tonight wiped his mouth looked at me and said "I would love a cup of coffee dad"
    So I whipped him up a de caf flat white, to which he announced it was "deeeelisshhhhh"

    I am so proud.

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    Re: First Coffee, I am so Proud

    First words, first steps and then the first coffee.

    You might have trouble getting Mrs Lizard to give this pride of place in the family album but we all understand!


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    Re: First Coffee, I am so Proud

    Quote Originally Posted by fishinglizard1972 link=1225796912/0#0 date=1225796912
    /\/ to which he announced it was "deeeelisshhhhh"
    Great choice of words IMO 8-)

    Thats very cool.

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    Re: First Coffee, I am so Proud

    Excellent..... 8-)


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