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Thread: Breville BES900

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    Breville BES900

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    Same thing happened to my BES900 but only to 1 of the screws. I've not looked into how to replace the base of the solenoid but I'd be surprised if you can't get a replacement from Breville still. Have you called them to ask, as it might be relatively cheap?

    The low pressure could be the vibration pump is shot - they have a fixed life span and its pretty easy to replace (Ulka EP5 - $45 from memory). Search youtube for a video on replacing the pump. I'd also replace the OVP (Breville call it a "safety valve"), which I also replaced on my machine - something like $15. They are in-line with each other so worth doing both together.

    Edit: if hot water outlet was OK, then low pressure from the group might not be the pump as it provides the pressure for both. The solenoid could've been blocked but until you fix that, you won't know.

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