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Thread: A week in Brisbane

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    A week in Brisbane

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    I was in Brisbane attending training this week so got to try out some of the coffee houses. I had short blacks all week to make a fair comparison.
    Day 1 I went to Alens Espresso. The first thing I noticed was the queue. Its a small shop and there wasnt much space left. Despite the queue service was quick and the coffee arrived promptly. The first sip was great and kept improving. Nothing stands out about hte blend it is just a great all round flavour.
    Day 2 feeling lazy I went back to Alens (short walk from hotel)
    Same queue, same great service and coffee still great. Highly recommended if you are in Brisbane
    Day 3 took a drive across the river to Veneziano, First Pour.
    Noticably quiet here. there were only 3 customers the whole time I was there, but they are still new in town so that should pick up. Coffee was good but a bit disappointing given the Veneziano reputation. the blend was concordia and I have had the estate blend in Melbourne which was a far better coffee.
    Day 4 and a drive across to the Valley to try out Campos. A good crowd in and good prompt service. Again I was disappointed given the reputation that Campos has. Certainly a good coffee that started out with a bit of harshness initially but developed some acidic flavours towards the end that I didnt enjoy.
    After trying to catch the waiters eye a few times for a second cup I gave up and went through to Naked coffee.
    The place is literally a hole in the wall in a mall. My bedroom is bigger than whole shop. A bit of a queue but quick friendly service. They also use Campos, which I didnt know beforehand. The pour looked similar but the taste was slightly smoother here. Still not my type of blend but a good coffee none the less.
    Day 5 and to make things interesting I randomly pick a coffee on my way to the course venue. Immediately it was apparent from the pour that this was going to be bad; pale and thin crema and a bit too hot. Not suprisingly it was bad and I only managed half before throwing the rest away.
    It really put in perspective the difference between the good coffee shops and the rest. Veneziano, Campos and Naked all had beautifully pulled shots with rich crema, it was purely personal preference that I like the Alens more than the others.
    And coming home to my own roasted coffee I found that it was not as good as the Veneziano, Campos and Naked so I have some work to do to raise the standard.


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    Re: A week in Brisbane

    Keep up the home roasting mate. I find that I dont enjoy any of those places like my home made and roasted wife is the same, as are friends etc...I dont know what to say except that I roast for less acidity and fruitiness and more for smoooooth mouthfeel and deep choc overtones but trying to keep enough of the original flavours to make it interesting and different from bean to bean. I too find Campos these days to have an initial unpleasant taste that hits the back of the mouth and tongue - only the first sip, however it is there when the coffee goes luke warm also.


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    Re: A week in Brisbane

    I must have been a bit rusty after the week off. After adjusting the grind finer and turning the temp up the coffee was much better.


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    Re: A week in Brisbane

    Alens espresso is truley a great place to drink espresso... also Alen is an amazing dedicated specialty coffee advocate....

    All are invited to visit our Roasting Facility in Bowen Hills when in town... 82 Abbotsford Road Bowen Hills.... or even partake in a free cupping session on a Saturday morning where we showcase Cup of Excellence Coffee from around the world.......

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