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Thread: Guidelines for Posting in Good Coffee Where?

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    Guidelines for Posting in Good Coffee Where?

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    To be able to post in this section of the forum, you will need to have 20 posts and have been a member for more than 2 weeks. This is to ensure that it is our dedicated members who post here about good cafes and not just those who are cruising through and plugging their own business (or a mates). I am sure that fellow Coffeesnobs will appreciate and respect this.
    When posting in this section about a cafe you have visited, could you please ensure that you include as much information as you can in regards to the address of the establishment.

    For example...

    Cafe Name,
    Street Address

    Additional information to include, if you dont know the street number of the cafe could be anything in regards to significant landmarks nearby.

    It doesnt matter if you dont know opening hours or phone numbers.

    However, it does make it easier to know the cafe name, so could you also be sure to make a note of the businesss name. This way, more people are likely to make a visit if you have given a good review.

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