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Thread: SIP Espresso - Brisbane City

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    SIP Espresso - Brisbane City

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    SIP Espresso is serving phenomenal coffee, I have been enjoying it so much that I walk past at least 20 cafes to have Rene make me coffee. They are dishing out Veneziano Forza as their staple and are rotating quality single origins on what seems like a weekly basis. Rene is incredibly passionate about coffee and it really does translate to the cup. SIP Espresso really is "True to the bean".

    Sip Espresso 5/344 Queen Street Brisbane

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    Re: SIP Espresso - Brisbane City

    Just a small update to this thread, Sip are now serving Two Seasons coffee. Current season is Guatemalan Huehuetenango from Finca Nueva Armenia...mmm tasty. Definitely worth dropping in for.

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