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Thread: The Granite Belt - Stanthorpe

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    The Granite Belt - Stanthorpe

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Travelling through this part of the world the other day, we were in need of a breakfast break. We parked out in front of an antique store in the back streets, what drew me in there was the huge carosel horse on a rocking horse base...sadly not for sale! (or they would have had one!) I asked the owner of the shop about a potential place for breakfast and she recommended one but added she didnt really drink coffee so couldnt comment on that.

    So, we took a walk and found the place she was talking about but after watching the waitress take a hugemongous drink of high fluffy peaks over to a customer, decided to walk on out and try our chances elsewhere...

    Lucky that we did.

    I recalled a fave deli being further up the street, it was always full of interesting stuff. Lo and behold, coffee salvation was near as there was a very familiar signage out the front in the form of a Campos banner. We made a pretty hasty crossing of the street.

    Well, the deli is still just a deli but they do coffee, which suited us fine as we took our take aways and headed back down to where the Bush Bakery was to get some food.

    The coffee was great, typical Campos fare and produced just as it should be. Not too hot, no burnt bitter flavours and sweet enough to not need any sugar.

    The deli has limited seating and does not do any food other than some trendy biccys in a jar. Or if you need cured meat or cheeses, spices and cupcake ingredients of course! There was more than enough to browse through at least as we waited for the coffee.

    Its called Olga and Agnes Fine Food.
    149 High Street, Stanthorpe.

    Drop in if youre in need of good coffee.

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    Just to update ...

    Olga's and Agnes is now Brinx Cafe - still serving Campos and still worth a visit.

    Best wishes, Russell

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    Had delicious coffees last week from Picolo Coffee Van at 25658 New England highway Applethorpe..not far past Maccas complex. C.S. member. Nailed it. SUPERB.

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    Cool, we are heading to Stanthorpe in July so will be sure to checkout Brinx Cafe and the Picolo coffee van, was getting a bit anxious on my coffee options!

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