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Thread: TheCoffeeGuy - Wooloowin

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    TheCoffeeGuy - Wooloowin

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    An update for any that have been previously.. I.e. Social Snobs.

    Major reno and he now has 3 times the floor space ;D

    A separate room for teh Roaster and equipment, so now one can sit in a bit more comfort..

    Coffee appears to have maintained its quality through teh process.

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    Re: TheCoffeeGuy - Wooloowin

    Im looking for a window to get there and see the place since its expansion - it is one of my favourite places to go - great coffee, ambience and Dans relaxed and friendly manner make it a hit with the locals and others from further a field.

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    Re: TheCoffeeGuy - Wooloowin

    Ive had two espressos here and not really sure what to say.
    The first one I had was amazing... Deep sweet cocoa flavour, more (and darker) crema than Ive ever been served. It was a quiet time in the afternoon and I was pretty much the only person there.
    The second time I was there - a special trip earlier in the day on account of the great quality (and service) and unfortunately the shot was sour with pale crema. this was a slightly more busy time with several people present.
    If I could reliably get what I got the first time Id happily go back, but...

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