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Thread: "LITTLE COVE" roaster and coffeein Noosa

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    "LITTLE COVE" roaster and coffeein Noosa

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    We now have another one besides Costa Noosa and Clandistino

    Called "Little Cove"

    It is near the dreaded Aldi and Organica and a German bakery but you don't need to use the Aldi insane parking lot

    they have their own secret parking at the back.

    The lovely couple that run it have about 7 grinders set-up with different beans to taste and buy, smaller place but very nice.

    Top notch Barista

    I can highly recommend it.

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    For those of us in The Brisbane Area, and Can't get to Noosa, you can get Little Cove Coffee from a coffee bar that resides inside the Furniture shop on the corner of Wellington and Stanley Street (opposite the Australian National pub), Their Barista isn't great however, though they are selling Take-home packs of the coffee.

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    Have to agree with C-man. Discovered Little Cove in April '13 and bought some coffee to take away. Just as nice in the Gaggia as in the shop.

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