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Thread: South Bank Brisbane

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    South Bank Brisbane

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Rouge Coffee. Boutique Roasters. 29 Glenelg Street between Merrivale St. (main entrance to Brisbane Entertainment & Convention Centre) and Cordellia St. We had breakfast at Rouge this a.m. Most enjoyable breakfast choices and full bodied lattes from the La Marzocco. Friendly caring staff, open relaxed atmosphere with great service.

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    Rogue coffee is a pretty cool set up. I have had many coffees from here over the past few months and all have been enjoyable. Place is well set up with a uber cool and modern design, roasting on site with a viewing area from a series of seating towards the back of the store. Staff have always been pleasant and you can purchase roasted beans (although I have not yet done this). Its close to Brisbane State High and I have noticed a decent attendance by the teachers and staff so they must be doing something right. I am yet to sample food, but its a pleasant place to enjoy a coffee.

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    This is another location that needs some updates.

    I had coffee (Campos) at Nonnas on Gray St. Nice sitting area that looks out on to the street.
    Couldn't say the staff were friendly. Cupware looked like it had come straight out of a not particularly efficient dishwasher.
    Not much to have with a coffee - I had a tired-looking choc-caramel slice. Coffee was good however.
    It would be good to have a few more options in that popular neck of the woods.

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    In Southbank for this weeks work and come across this place for coffee . Green & Ginger at the ground level of Jacobs engineering building on Cordelia street . Exceptional coffee and the young guy on the machine knows his craft . Can pour awesomeness me art but the coffee is beautifully smooth and they do pour over as well . Legit coffee gear on the bench as well . Two thumbs up from one fussy coffee drinker .
    ps : best brekky in Brisbane as well as best coffee can’t go wrong

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