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Thread: Alberto's Shot (Brisbane) - avoid, unless you like being sworn at

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    Alberto's Shot (Brisbane) - avoid, unless you like being sworn at

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    Dropped in there this morning after a bike ride, around 7.15am. They looked like they were in the process of opening up, I said hi to the guy putting out some chairs and tables on the pavement outside and he said hi back. So far, so normal.

    Walked in to the counter to order, and got ignored by the girl behind, who then called out to the guy outside to help me. I turned around and nicely inquired as to whether they were technically open yet (not having been there before and not being familiar with the opening time), and he responded, angrily, with this (actual quote): "What does it f****n look like?"

    I didn't quite know how to take it, but 'thanked him' for his exemplary customer service skills and went on my way to a business that will welcome customers. I can handle if you aren't open yet, but surely a "Hi, we aren't open quite yet, but feel free to take a seat or come back in 10-15 mins" type comment might have been a little more appropriate.

    Needless to say i can't comment on the quality of the coffee!

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    Don't go back there to try the coffee - that's appalling!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesjames View Post
    he responded, angrily, with this (actual quote): "What does it f****n look like?"
    Alberto hadn't had his morning coffee...joke aside, that is disgusting behaviour.

    The very first time I ever went to this place was years ago with my brother. The coffee was better than what was average in Brisbane at the time, but I could tell the shots were overextracted. On my very first visit I could hear him swearing in the kitchen (I understand some Italian)...seems not much has changed other than who it is directed at. I did return about 7 months ago and there was not a great deal of improvement on the points I have made.

    I know I have only said negative things, and I dislike discrediting peoples' businesses..but these are observations, not opinions. I apologise if anybody is offended by this.

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