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    Hervey Bay

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Spent a week in Hervey Bay recently and had coffee every day at "Coffee Essentials" in Bidford St. a couple of shopfronts back from the Esplanade in Scarness/Torquay.
    Dennis and his lady are great people and are absolutely passionate about their coffee.
    They are primarily a Roaster but have a very attractive shopfront that houses the Cafe and Roasterie in an open-plan setting where you can see everything that is going on in the premises.
    Great atmosphere and very good coffee. Dennis is happy to demonstrate equipment, diagnose your problems, and tell you about his own approach to coffee.
    No sugar allowed. You are warned before you enter by a sign on the window and when you have coffee there you play by his rules. Fine by me.
    A lot of people are happy with this as the Cafe was well patronised while I was there.
    In terms of his roasting philosophy, he aims to straddle the ground between traditional dark roasts and some of the lighter roasts to get the best out of the source beans.
    My coffees (I had Espresso, Long Black & Latte) were medium-dark roasts with enough brightness to be interesting.
    Not just a Cafe - also a meeting place for enthusiasts.

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    That would be an adventure to not be offered sugar.

    Must note this address.

    When I go to "coffee shows", I do take the shot without sugar. Amazing.

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