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Thread: Campos Coffee House

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    Campos Coffee House

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    Went to Campos today. One of the girls there was at the Three Monkeys for many years and is passionate about coffee (she also works up at Naked Coffee). She said I was lucky to come in that day because the owner was there on the machine. I ordered a skim flat white made with a ristretto pour and then another - both were excellent - different to any other blend I have had with a sweet malty taste with some smoky chocky aftertaste. I see they have 2 Roburs and at least one Super Jolly. The service was excellent.

    I purchased 250grams of the Supreme Blend which is the same blend as they put through their machines. I came home and ground up a double and pulled a great shot with the same deep coloured crema in 25 seconds from the first few drops as at Campos into the same size little Nuova Point cups. The pour was nice and even with no blonding. I tasted it and it was 98% the same as todays by my taste bud memory and really very good. My wife also liked it but her comment was that she enjoys my roasts better particularly the Yemen and the Peru Villa Rica. She says that the smoky aftertaste makes her want to have a drink of water, even though she very much enjoyed the coffee whilst drinking it..I agree..and that with the majority of my batches wants to keep the taste in her mouth as long as possible.

    Its and interesting exercise this and really for shop bought beans (as my grandmother would term it) the brew is first class (as you would expect)....but I wont be shelving my Corretto anytime soon.


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    Re: Campos Coffee House

    Just back from Qld where I stayed a while on the north side of Brissie. Visited Campos in the Valley and was not disappointed- made a point of going back again. Great coffee (better than I recalled from my one and only visit to the Newtown Campos where I was a bit underwhelmed).

    Also good food and service. The adjoining James St Markets have put up a fence between them and Campos to stop people getting direct access from the markets (their growing popularity probably not helping the cafe situated within the markets themselves ;D). But workers in the markets know where the best coffee is and when I was there, there were plenty of cups being passed from Campos over the fence ::).

    All the Brissie Campos coffee roasted on site (not in Newtown) in a big shiny Deidrich. 2 La Marzoccos and 3 Mazzers out front.


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