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Thread: coffee bean storage

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    coffee bean storage

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    My first post! On the Foxtel "Living Coffee" show the presenter used a "coffee saver" jar which had, I recall, a sort of pump on the lid to remove the oxygen and so keep the beans fresher.

    I like to keep a few different beans at home for variety, but I dont want them to get stale in the meantime.

    Can any Melbourne members suggest where I can get these coffee saver jars? Alternatively, I would be interested in other ideas for prolonging the fesh life of beans at home.

    Cheers, Paul

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    Re: coffee bean storage

    I havent seen the show, but I think it is part of the vacuvin series.

    I dont have the coffee vacuvin, but do own some of the wine ones. It is basically a rubber stopper that has a valve on the end. There is a pump thingy that one attaches to this and this sucks out the air from the inside of the bottle (or coffee container). Moistening/dampening the valve flaps helps keep a tighter seal.

    The major homeware stores should have it, otherwise a wine merchant would be able to order one of the coffee ones for you. g.mozilla%3Aen-US%3Aunofficial&q=vacuvin&btnG=Search&meta=cr%3Dco untryAU

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    Re: coffee bean storage

    Ive had one of those for a while. I received it as an Xmas present and I think it was bought from one of those homewares shops in a major shopping centre.

    I do however have a big issue with it in that sometimes it will lose the vacuum. Once pumped up the seal is tight but I can come back a few days later and find that the vacuum seal is gone. I suspect the centre valve may leak if it is a little distorted since to release the seal you have to squeeze the valve. On other occassions the seals has held tight for ages.

    Just be wary ....


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    Re: coffee bean storage

    The cheapest, no-fuss option is to buy some plastic Glad zip bags from any supermarket. Put the beans in and zip the bag almost completely. Then squeeze out the air, and continue zipping. Instant vacuum seal.

    If you are using freshly-roasted beans still expelling CO2, pin-prick (just one) the bag so that the gas, at greater internal pressure, can escape, while keeping out oxygen at the lesser atmospheric pressure. When the gas finishes venting the pin prick will be too small to allow in air to spoil the beans.


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    Re: coffee bean storage

    Yeah ... Im not sure that a vacuum is necessarily a good thing. Itll shift the equilibrium to favour gas escaping from the beans. Particularly if every time you open and close the container you remove the expelled gasses ...

    Squeezing air out of a bag is fine because there will still be some in there. Im using an Illy tin that seems to have an airtight seal and doesnt let light in ...



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