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Thread: Amateur Newbie Question on Coffee Storage - Silicon?

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    Amateur Newbie Question on Coffee Storage - Silicon?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Gday all

    Ill start by saying I love this site and all the general banter that flies to and fro! Im a coffee lover from way back, by no means a coffee pro, not in the industry, but well on my way to becoming a coffee snob.

    So the post subject says most of it - Im a newbie to pulling good coffee for personal (and the missus) consumption at home. Get the bashing out of the way now - Im just using a Sunbeam EM5600 (retrospectively wishing Id gone the EM6910 route based on everything Ive read here since...) - and at this stage, use pre-ground coffee; previously the Illy canisters, but more recently freshly ground beans from Danes.

    Ive stopped storing my coffee in the fridge, and only store my coffee in an Illy canister in the pantry. Assuming I stick to the Danes route until I grow a pair and dive in to grinding my own, from a storage perspective, is there any likely advantage in having a couple of the silicon capsules in the canister with my ground coffee? Im sure everyone knows what I mean by silicon capsules - the type shipped with vitamins, etc. to absorb moisture. Just wondering how this may help to maximise what little freshness there is once I decant my ground coffee from the Danes bag (ground on the day of purchase) into my Illy canister.

    Am I wasting my time? I do plan to have a go at grinding at some stage, its just were short on bench space, etc. for a grinder. Looking forward to some good ol fashioned bashing (and hopefully some constructive feedback for good measure).


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    Re: Amateur Newbie Question on Coffee Storage - Silicon?

    DO NOT use any of those drying satchels they are poisonous

    Coffee is a perishable food
    Ground coffee stays fresh for about 3 minutes

    Get a grinder even if its a hand grinder and use fresh roasted coffee that has a roast date on it
    Roasted coffee stays fresh 3 to 5 weeks


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    Re: Amateur Newbie Question on Coffee Storage - Silicon?

    Okay, noted. Thanks, Koffee Kosmo - Ill take those points under strict advisement!

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    Re: Amateur Newbie Question on Coffee Storage - Silicon?

    Welcome to CS heywood, I concur with KK, get a grinder, the Sunbeam EM450/480 are a great starter grinder and wont break the bank, partnered with freshly roasted quality beans and you will be on your way to coffee heaven, a friendly warning, "this site is highly addictive, upgraditis will make you want to buy lots of shiny new toys in the quest to produce that perfect cup", enjoy the journey
    gm ;) :)

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    Re: Amateur Newbie Question on Coffee Storage - Silicon?

    um, pre-ground aside, a friend recently bought back some really lovely beans from japan (roasted on the day he left) which were packed into sealed bags that also had a little paper packet of dessicant calcium compound floating around inside, labeled do not eat, just like one finds in asembe rice crackers.
    apart from moisture absorbency, these tend to adsorb oxygen in the packet.
    i believe illy has investigated using calcium compounds in their packaging too.
    the japanese really love their food fresh and tend to put these things into almost any packet!

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