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Thread: Storing Grinds

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    Storing Grinds

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    Ok i know that coffee grinds start to go stale almost instantly. but there has to be a best way to store grinds for the short term 14 hours ish, using a reusable solution.

    this is for a plunger.

    currently i am using a air tight container, but i am noticing dedegeration by the end of the day.


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    Re: Storing Grinds

    Why not buy a manual grinder, like the Kyocera or Porlex, then you wont have the problem of grinds going stale?
    Im afraid that there isnt a best way of storing ground coffee to reduce degradation, apart from an airtight container, which youre already doing.

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    Re: Storing Grinds

    cheers mate, i thought that would be the case.

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    Re: Storing Grinds

    I got a Kyocera from Jet Black Espresso and use it at work with my Aeropress and it is spot on. It takes a couple of minutes to grind a double shot and is slightly noisy in a quiet room but it does the job. I kinda like the idea of doing the manual grind and manual press to get my coffee hit. I find if I pre grind I generally try not to do too much and then end up not having enough to last all day at work.

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