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Thread: Storing beans/changing beans

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    Storing beans/changing beans

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    1) I am a very light home coffee drinker, maybe 1 a day max. So it takes me a while to get through even a 250g bag of beans. Now I know you should consume your beans within a week or two, but that aint happening for me. So what is the best way to store them? Should I refrain from filling up the grinder hopper (is that what its called?!?)?

    2) I am about the buy new beans. Should I completely use up the old beans in my grinder before putting the new ones in, or top up my grinder so that its not empty when grinding?

    Thanks in advance :)


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    Re: Storing beans/changing beans


    Pretty common question. I have the same problem in that I dont drink much until the weekends. I just stick my home roasted stuff into zip lock bags and then inside a normal airtight container. Nothing special. They stay pretty fresh for about three weeks and can stretch to four. You should be able to put the bag the coffee beans come (usually zip locked plastic) in an airtight container

    Dont fill up the hopper, just put in what you need then grind that. Otheriwse the beans will go stale super fast.

    Finally, buy a plunger for work or an aeropress. Thatll use up your stash ;)


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    Re: Storing beans/changing beans

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    Re: Storing beans/changing beans

    Hi LG,

    You might want to read through this post covering the same topic, has some good info and comments;


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