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Thread: Storing coffee, and how long does it keep?

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    Storing coffee, and how long does it keep?

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    *****Im just wondering how long coffee normally keeps under differing conditions.* The reason is that I have found a coffee seller a couple of hundred miles away that sells some varieties I am very interested in trying, so will have to have it posted; but some of the kinds I am interested are sold only in bullk - that is, in very big bags that will last a very long time.
    *****I raised this with the seller by e-mail, and they recommended putting coffee in the freezer.* If I wasnt happy with that, they suggested that it might last a few weeks in the fridge.
    *****Only a few weeks?* I dont drink multiple coffees a day, and these bags will last quite a few months.* I bought 6 much smaller bags (which their more popular types come in) in May, and I have just finished them now, 5 months later.
    *****I need an idea of how to store coffee, and how long it can be expected to last, before I decide how many varieties to order from this place.
    *****If I have it ground by the supplier (as I normally would, because I dont have a grinder), how long will it last (a) frozen; (b) in the fridge; and (c) at room temperature?
    *****If I get a grinder, and grind it myself before drinking, how will this affect the time it will keep?

    *****Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    *****Thank you.


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    Re: Storing coffee, and how long does it keep?

    Quote Originally Posted by 0B680C680368460 link=1317131697/0#0 date=1317131697
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    ...then I suggest typing "storing coffee" in the quick search above, reading all the hits and then asking any questions you couldnt find answers for.

    Lots of us will be more than happy to help then.

    ...and for what its worth, I think you should also have a read on home roasting. A popper will roast 80g of coffee and you can drink that fresh instead of trying to store it.

    Coffee is a fresh food, roast more often, grind when needed, store less or drink faster! ;)

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    Re: Storing coffee, and how long does it keep?

    Hi M.J.E.

    I wouldnt recommend buying more roasted coffee than you can use within a few weeks.
    Storing the beans in the fridge or freezer may prolong how long it takes them to turn rancid, but they will be past their peak well before that.

    The general guide of how long coffee lasts I hear most is the rule of 3.
    3 Years unroasted
    3 Weeks roasted
    3 Minutes ground

    As Andy suggests, perhaps looking into the world of home roasting will be the best way for you to obtain large quantities of hard to find beans whilst keeping them fresh.

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    Re: Storing coffee, and how long does it keep?

    As above, home roasting is the way to go. Ask them how much the green beans would be.

    In addition, if they say store coffee in the freezer, then Id be checking their bona fides as that is generally only recommended in EXTREME circumstances.

    ps--and if you want good coffee, you will have to acquire a decent grinder.

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    Re: Storing coffee, and how long does it keep?

    Well, if you believe Scott Rao, author of The Professional Baristas handbook, keeping beans in the freezer works well and I have tried it with reasonable success. There are some gotchas though. Bags must be sealed and with minimal air in the bag. If you open a bag of frozen beans, they will pretty much instantly get a film of condensation, so putting them back in the freezer would then cause freezer burn among other nasties.

    Basically, if freezing, when the bag is removed it stays out and needs to reach room temp before opening.

    I keep some beans in the freezer just in case and home roast, with occasional small purchases of quality roasted so I can compare my attempts with the professionals.

    Id suggest you try it with small quantities and see how it works for you. At worst, you throw out a few beans.

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