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Thread: Storing coffee beans

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    Storing coffee beans

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    Hi there

    Does anyone else leave their beans in their grinder or do they just add the amount of beans they need at the time?

    My grinder holds 250g of beans so i usually just through a whole small bag in....i get through it in a few days...

    While it does have a lid, its not exactly air tight.



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    Re: Storing coffee beans

    I just put what i need in the grinder for the shots i am about to make, the hopper of the grinder is not air tight so the beans will go stale if left in there for any length of time.
    Keep them fresh in a 1 way valve bag and decant as you need to.

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    Re: Storing coffee beans

    I put one cups worth of beans at a time in the grinder--about 20 gm.


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    Re: Storing coffee beans

    I store mine in a rubbermaid cerial container in a cupboard which fits 1 kilo nicely. Handy flip top lid to pour into the grinder and airtight. As above, I only pour out what I am about to grind.

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    Re: Storing coffee beans

    I do the same as you Tony.

    Then again, as I roast my own, Im certain of the roast theres no chance of them going stale. ;)

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