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Thread: Freezing Beans

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    Freezing Beans

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    Interesting to hear what the purists think of keeping beans in the freezer
    A "roaster" who sells wholesale, told me to put half the beans (500g) in the sealed pack in the freezer until I have used up the other half. He assures me that it wont affect the beans.
    I think that as long as you dont thaw and refreeze it should be OK. :-*

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    Re: Freezing Beans

    Tried it several times. If you do a "Quick Search" for freezer, you will find a number of threads.

    I only freeze beans if I am going to be away for a few weeks without the opportunity to roast.

    Only freeze in small quantities. If you want to store 500g for example, break into 5x 100g lots.

    What I find is some beans seem to freeze better than others,flavours are not quite as good after freezing and, once thawed, beans will tend to deteriorate more quickly than regular storage.

    Also, freezing will stall the de-gassing process so if you like to rest beans before consumption, rest them a little before freezing.

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    Re: Freezing Beans

    Also if you really have to freeze, use 2 bags. A one way valve bag that contains the beans and then put that in a Freezer bag. Remove all of the air and freeze.

    When you come to use them, let the beans come up to room temperature first and dont refreeze them once thawed.

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    Re: Freezing Beans

    There was an article on lifehacker on how to store beans properly, skip down to myth 4.

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