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Thread: Bean storage

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    Bean storage

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    Greetings all ,
    Whilst in Harvey Norman today I came across a coffee bean storage canister that was airtight and had a one way valve. The only other canister that i have found with those properties is one on ebay that actually pumps out air with a motor to give a air tight seal. Has anyone here used either type and if so your thoughts on them would be appreciated.
    Thank you in advance for your comments.

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    I just use the bag that comes with the beans from the roaster i buy them from with a one way valve and store it in my cupboard. Works well for me. And I buy them in small quantities.

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    I'm guessing it was the Friis Coffee Vault (also available from a couple of site sponsors i think)? I've got a couple, and they're quite good, but as I tend to roast smaller quantities than their capacity, I largely use Andy's 250g stand up pouch bags. Depends what quantities of coffee you buy, and rate of use. If you go through the 500g in 5 or 6 days, they are convenient and pretty effective.

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    I've a number of jars with one-way valves but most intended for general use are too small to be convenient. I've always baulked at the price of the coffee systems and use both Andy's 250gm jobs and larger ones from roasters.

    I aim for several different roasts around 280gm (depending on beans/blend) and these will usually fit in 250gm each but sometimes I do a larger single roast that needs 500 or 1kg.

    I think ziplock one-way bags are great to sling in the bottom shelf of the cupboard nearest my grinder. Jars don't like mistreatment.
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    The foil bags on beanbay are a great way to get maximum value out of a 3 kg or 5kg satchel.

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    I prefer Clip-zip one way valve bags to store my beans you can purchase them from beanbay above or your local roaster
    If you are purchasing fresh beans from a local roaster Im sure he would sell you some extra clip zip bags if you asked nicely
    You can squeeze most of the air out of the bag after opening to get your beans out, with a Friis vault or similar you cannot do this

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