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Thread: Where to store my beans?

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    Question Where to store my beans?

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    Hey guys! New to the forums ~

    I've received my fiefy's latte art organic beans from bean bay and I'm still waiting for my new machine to come (bes920). Do i store my beans in the bag it came with because I noticed it was resealable or do I store it into a glass container with a twist lid on top. Any other helpful tips would be nice because this is my first time owning a manual machine and pulling out my own shots.

    Sorry if I'm not posting at the right place.

    Cheers !

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    Welcome Jubby...

    In the 1-Way Valve bag they arrived in mate. The bag is best stored in a cool, dark and dry place; maybe in the back of the pantry or a cupboard handy to your coffee prep area but never in the fridge. Cold beans will gather condensation each time you open the bag and this will accelerate staling of the beans, beans like to be dry...

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    Thanks Mal, I appreciate it.
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