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Thread: Heavy duty/reusable bags for roasted coffee

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    Heavy duty/reusable bags for roasted coffee

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    Hey there guys,

    I've been trying to find a heavy duty reusable coffee bag lately, and there doesn't seem to be one in existence.

    I think ideally it would be made from silicone, with a one way air valve.

    Has anybody ever seen anything like this?

    I know there are silicon resealable food pouches available, but not with the one way air valve.


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    Drop the silicone, it has a very high oxygen transfer rate so your coffee will stale quickly.

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    Heavy duty as in needs to be robust and able to take impact/rough handling?
    Or heavy duty in that it needs to be re-usable many times?
    I use the bags from Beanbay and easily get 5-10 roasts per bag.
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