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Thread: Storing beans

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    Storing beans

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    :) Hi all, just wondering what the best way to store beans may be? Also, can you leave the beans in the grinder?
    Im not a huge coffee drinker, I probably only have 1 - 2 cups a day and I dont really want to empty the grinder every time.

    Regards to all and thanks for any help ;)

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    Re: Storing beans

    Hi dippy1

    Have a read of :


    I think they will answer your query.... but basically a cool, dry, dark place in a one way valved bag is the best.

    Just place enough beans in the hopper as required for your dose... say 20 grams.... that way they wont be going stale and depositing coffee oils (which will definitely go stale quite quickly) in your hopper.

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    Re: Storing beans

    Thank you JavaB, I will have a look now,
    Regards Lynn

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    Re: Storing beans

    Thanks Java for digging up the previous threads...;)

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