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Thread: Question about storing coffee beans in the freezer

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    Question about storing coffee beans in the freezer

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    Hi folks, I was given a very nice lot of beans from my friend who returned from Italy recently. As I'd recently opened a bag of beans, I used supermarket zip sealed freezer bags & partitioned small amounts of beans into separate bags, removed as much air as possible, sealed the zip lock as tight as possible, then placed the bags into a plastic bag - again with as much air removed as possible, tied the top tight & left them undisturbed in the freezer.

    I know that beans (if properly stored) last 3-4 months in the freezer & should be ideally used in that period. I've just got a couple of questions. Firstly how good are those supermarket zip lock bags if used as described above?

    Also, I read on another forum that ideally the frozen beans, once removed from the freezer should be allowed to reach room temperature before opening the zip lock bag or container & exposing the beans to outside air. Tbh I ignored that tonight & poured the frozen beans straight into my stainless steel sealed container. The container is not vented fyi. Could the flavor profile or freshness of the beans be affected from being exposed to air for only a few seconds? Cheers.

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    Id be concerned with cold to warm condensation? Be curious to the answers on this also.

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    It will be fine. Certainly not worth throwing them out over

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    Best to let them slowly thaw out to ambient temperature though.
    If you grind them while frozen, some condensate will inevitably find its way through to the grinds and maybe create a bit of a sticky mess in your grinder. Easily dealt with though but best avoided...


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