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Thread: Hopper vs Jar

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    Hopper vs Jar

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Im looking for experience with storing coffee in Grinder hopper. Ive got a Rocky Doser and use about 250gms of beans a fortnight. Up untill now, I keep beans in an old mocona jar with the sealed lid. Each time i make a coffee, i measure beans for the basket im using and grind that amount only. Ive read, somewhere, that it is better to grind with a full hopper and it would certainly be more convenient to keep the beans in the hopper. My question, has anyone experience with keeping beans in the hopper for about 2 weeks vs keeping in a jar as i currently do? Is the air exposure in the hopper any worse in practical terms vs the jar?

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    Re: Hopper vs Jar

    If the jar is not airtight you could do either. I store my beans in the vacuum bags or a container that I pump the air out of the create a vacuum.
    Air contact with the beans makes them go stale, they only have a life of about 3 weeks after roasting so storing them properly helps keep them as fresh as possible.

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    Re: Hopper vs Jar

    Quote Originally Posted by greenman link=1195631776/0#1 date=1195632510
    I store my beans in the vacuum bags or a container that I pump the air out of the create a vacuum.


    Whilst air oxidises the coffee oils and makes the beans taste rancid...... the oils which are so precious are volatile.... they evaporate easily..... put them under a vacuum and you have just sucked out those precious oils!!! Well at least they wont go rancid!!

    A bag with a one way valve and squeeze out as much air as you can.... then into a cool, dry dark place.....

    No vacuum, no open containers or sealed containers with lots of air space :-X :-X :-X - not if you value your beans!! PLEASE

    P.S. and in case anyone misunderstands the word "cool" it does NOT mean a fridge or freezer.... they are "cold" and will cause condensation which is also bad!!!

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    Re: Hopper vs Jar

    I have the perfect solution Argon.

    Drink more coffee so you use up the beans quicker. :)

    My problem living on the Sunshine Coast is finding a cool place during the summer months. I usually go through a 250g pack in a week though so its not too much of an issue.

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