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Thread: storing of roasted beans

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    storing of roasted beans

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    Hi ,

    I have roasted a number of batches of beans , some I stored in some old illy containers and a couple in some plastic bags . The beans after being stored in the plastic bags have become quite oily and the others seem quite alright . Is there any tips to storing beans , should you air the beans for a while after roasting before putting in bags , or is there something else Im doing wrong.


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    Re: storing of roasted beans

    Hi Paul, welcome to the fold

    We store our beans in old Illy tins too.

    I Once was told that the beans after being roasted need to be de-gassed, thus the reason for the one way valves on the bottom of the Illy tins and also the Coffee bean bags.

    The beans will sometimes go a bit oily (I find it worse when I have over roasted the beans)

    But I think even Rich and Rae used to just store their roasted beans in those tins with the lock down lids (rubber seal and lever action clip to hold down the lid) but even those tins dont have a one way valve.

    So my un professional thought might be that you need to reduce your roasting a bit..... But remember that the beans do emit some oil, but someone else might know something I dont

    Regards and good luck


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    Re: storing of roasted beans

    For reasons unknown to me it seems that beans stored in plastic bags oil up faster. Or perhaps its an optical illusion because the oil is so obvious and can spread around so easily it just appears theres more oil when the beans are stored in a plastic bag. ;D

    Java "Smelling the fumes" phile

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    Re: storing of roasted beans

    Hiya Paul,

    Welcome to CoffeeSnobs ;D .

    Normally, I only roast enough beans to do me for a week to ten days at most and store them in plastic air-tight containers I bought from BigW. The only time Ive noticed oil when roasting and storing the beans this way, is as FB says, when Ive taken the roast too far or the beans are approaching their "throw-away" date (ten days and theyre gone baby, one way or another [smiley=thumbdown.gif]). Not many batches make it to the ten day deadline though ;) .

    Cant comment on storing roasted beans in plastic bags though, never tried that but maybe it could have something to do with putting "warm" beans into the bag and sealing it, and as they cool down, some oil condenses on to the cooler bag surface? Sounds good anyway. Id try the stackable air-tight containers from BigW if surplus Illy tins cant be found, theyre even unbreakable which is a good thing where Im concerned... talk about butter-fingers :-[ . All the best,


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    Re: storing of roasted beans

    If your beans are freshly roasted, let them cool down properly before you bag them...You can store them in a plastic bag if you want to, but the idea is to prick the bag with one or two pin holes....This achieves the same aim as the one way valve.

    The beans need to release carbon dioxide, but you cant expose the beans to oxygen, which is what makes the beans go stale. With your pin hole in the bag, you will have an internal overpressure, Co2, which prevents the O2 from getting into the bag, while still allowing the CO2 to escape.....

    And store them in a cool dark place.. ;)

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    Re: storing of roasted beans

    I store my roasted beans in a jar and/or one way valve bags.
    Most of my roasts are around the rolling 2nd crack mark and no matter what the container, oil starts to form from about day 4 or 5 onwards.
    I think theres something to what Java mentioned about it being more noticeable in plastic.

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    Re: storing of roasted beans

    The coffee that I got from FC with my grinder is also quite oily. It smells and tastes excellent, so I think it is normal. It was in an air-tight coffee bag with a one-way valve on it. It just means that it is fresh, I reckon. It might even keep it fresh longer as the oils wont let it dry out too quickly. No? :-/

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    Re: storing of roasted beans

    Like Stratford, my freshly-roasted beans are kept in plastic zip bags with thehigh-tech one-way valve: a pin pricked hole. Theres only enough to have to last about 4 days before the next batch, so Ive never had problems with oil.

    The only oil has been from beans over-roasted in the first place.

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    Re: storing of roasted beans

    I store my roasted beans in old V8 Juice glass bottles. They have wide necks and make pouring the beans into the grinder easy. For the first day or so, I dont tighten the lid; after that I do. It seems to work well.

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