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Thread: Vacuum storage

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    Vacuum storage

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    I have a vacuum sealer that I use for food. * Apart from the heat sealed bags it has a plastic container where the air is sucked out through a tube.

    I have started using the container to store the open beans except for those in the grinder (still low in the evoultionary process - probably two days supply in the grinder).

    I guess over time I will find out but will this keep the beans fresher any better or worse than a ziplock bag or tupperware container?

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    Re: Vacuum storage

    Hi caffeol and welcome to CS....

    If you do a site search you will find this has been discussed - lots of times!

    One of the most important things when it comes to the flavour of beans is the volatile oils.... volatile because they evaporate (boil off) at standard room temperature and pressure....

    Now if you reduce the pressure (apply a vacuum).... they boil off more rapidly...

    So a vacuum will suck the life out of the beans.... but will prevent oxidation (which gives the rancid taste).....

    So they wont go stale anywhere near as quickly... they will just be dull and boring after a short time under vacuum.

    One way valved bags, with as much air as possible squeezed out is the best..... not containers (with lots of free air) or ziplock bags (which cant breath.... as beans give off gas as they age.

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    Re: Vacuum storage

    Thanks JavaB. Like you said - lots of discussion. I think I like your summary.

    I had actually done a search and got lots of vacuum cleaners. Once I got your hint I worked out to open up the search criteria and it all lit up.

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