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Thread: Refrigerated Coffee or Shelved Coffee?

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    Refrigerated Coffee or Shelved Coffee?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hey All,
    Is it better to store your coffee in the fridge or on the shelf?
    Or doesnt it matter?


    (Hindering Chronically kaffeeklatsch)

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    Re: Refrigerated Coffee or Shelved Coffee?

    Yep, it matters!


    Cool and dark is best
    (pantry, cupboard etc)

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    Re: Refrigerated Coffee or Shelved Coffee?

    Why is it then that so many people advise storing coffee in the fridge? The main popular opinion that i got in my pre-CS days were : airtight container in the fridge.

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    Re: Refrigerated Coffee or Shelved Coffee?

    I think its because it helps stale coffee taste marginally better.
    Ive seen some of the major brands advise using the fridge storage method. Certainly I recall seeing it somewhere within Harris information.

    I still hear it a lot from people. Friends telling me how important it is and "I suppose you do it already". I tell them no and mention coffee oils and chemical changes and their eyes glaze over and I have to stop babbling.

    As long as there are sites like this to steer people to the right path, at least those who really want to know can find out.

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    Re: Refrigerated Coffee or Shelved Coffee?

    Interesting topic. *Intuitively I always thought that for fresh coffee to be consumed within a week or two, storing the brown beans in a cool, dark, dry place would be best. *For longer storage the fridge would be best to try to keep the beans fresh for as long as possible. *And Id never consider the freezer because Id have thought it could destroy the structure of some of the bean cells and molecules.

    Then I started getting keen on coffee and did some research. *Even among the experts there seems to be a diversity of opposing views. *

    Ive found support for my assumption that the lower the temperature (but above freezing) the slower the ripening or stale-ing process would be. *That is, fridge storage is best to extend the shelf life if you need to keep the beans for longer than a couple of weeks. *Ive also found a lot of opposition to fridge storage - largely on the grounds that the bean might be either contaminated by odours of other things in the fridge (should be easy to avoid) or subject to excess humidity on being exposed to air (not sure this is relevant if you use the beans immediately after taking them from the fridge).

    Ive also found a lot of sites that say freezing is okay, and others who are dead against it for the reasons of breakdown of the bean structure.

    All views are stated very strongly by their proponents. *I havent yet found any scientific research on the effect of different storage methods, but its probably out there somewhere.

    Thankfully, with my roasting green beans I no longer have to be concerned about trying to extend the life of brown beans and just store them in the cupboard in bags with one-way valves, to be consumed within a week or two.

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