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Thread: iRoast2 fan cut out

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    iRoast2 fan cut out

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    6ish minutes into an Ethiopian Gamba Naturals roast yesterday, the fan cut out. The timer was operating as usual, and a press of the cooling button switched it to the cool count down sequence but the fan stayed off. Since there was increasing smoke I switched off, so dont know if the heaters were operating. The beans at the bottom were black and smoking. Not being set up for cooling beans there was much scrabbling for tea towels to get the lid off and a saucepan to put them in.

    When it had cooled I gave it a 10 second run without beans and it seemed to be OK. Did two runs this morning and both went fine.

    Anyone had this? Is it a one off or do I need to dig the receipt out? Its a 6 month old machine.

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    Re: iRoast2 fan cut out

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    Hi there,

    Not quite the same problem but with mine (only 3 months old) occasionally when it is turned one the fan runs at a low speed instead of being off. *It does not seem to affect the overall operation. *

    I contacted the manufacturer but no reply. *

    My suspicion is that it is possibly noise on the supply line triggering the *fan triac, hence no warranty claim.

    I have since purchased Patrics old one as a standby just in case mine throws in the towel, *but as yet it continues to roast as it should.

    Hope you get it sorted soon.

    Cheers and good luck

    Bazza B

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