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Thread: Prima died!

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    Prima died!

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    For all those who have gone for some kind of Prima/SC roasting arrangement...
    I tried taking the advice of many North American coffee geeksters and put it in a box to overcome the cooler weather and shorten roast times.
    Dont do it!
    I killed the fan on my prima and now I have to go get another one.
    :( >:( ???

    I might get something a bit better than a Prima this time too.(not that I think theres much difference).

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    Re: Prima died!

    "Cascade" brand convection ovens at the Warehouse discount store in Geelong for 80 bucks...

    (I went for "cheap" rather than "better")

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    Re: Prima died!

    Behmor Coffee Roaster
    RIP Prima... Welcome Cascade!

    any noticable difference in roasting, heat or size?

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