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Thread: How to disassemble Breville breadmaker (BBM100)?

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    How to disassemble Breville breadmaker (BBM100)?

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    I want to pull apart my BBM100 breadmaker to enhance its function as a roaster.

    But - despite taking off all of the screws I can see, I can't get the thing apart except for the baseplate. Any advice / service manuals much appreciated! The guy on this youtube video splits the cover off at 00:37, but do the Brevilles have a "clip off" cover (having removed the screws already).

    I am well capable of this sort of stuff, having reconditioned cars, coffee machines and kitchen mixers - but I don't want to "force" something I shouldn't!

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    Hi SoS
    I have a BBM100 which has been open many times
    There are some little white plastic-cap covered screws around the top of the touch pad panel - pop these out with a small screwdriver, unscrew the screws underneath then you can lift off the whole panel. This is all you should really need to do to open it up for hard-wiring purposes if that is what is intended - but remember - 240v can kill!
    Cheers Matt

    PS might need to take the grey strip around the pan off too … been a while

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