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Thread: Anyone roasting with an Akaneks 5kg?

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    Anyone roasting with an Akaneks 5kg?

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    I purchased an Akaneks 5kgs roasting equipment. Evrytime I drop the batch beans, the temperature drops incredibly low. First time I tried to drop @130C and temp dropped to 10C! Then I went 180C and temp dropped to 30C. I tried 215c and temp dropped to 50C. It seems I need to go higher in order to keep temp from going under 90C. I am also havimg trouble to complete the roast in 15 minutes and temp to be around 215C. Does anyobody has experience with this brand?
    Thanks for the attention. Best regards!

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    Unfortunately I have no experience with that brand, so cannot help from that perspective, but I suggest you need to provide a bit more information of you want to get peoples ideas.
    Are you based in Australia, if not then the gas train etc could be totally different to over here?
    How much green are you dropping in?
    What temp are you measuring (Bean or Airflow), and where is it being measured?
    I assume it's gas?

    Those with 5kg & larger roasters would be more helpful than me, but 130C, if that is the bean temp, sounds very low as a starting point, and very very low if that is the airflow temp.

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    It appears you have been reading someone else's roast preferences... which might not work on your machine.

    I need to go higher in order to keep temp from going under 90C.
    If you can produce great coffee with a 50C turn temperature why would you try and get to 90C?

    I am also havimg trouble to complete the roast in 15 minutes
    Why 15 minutes?
    Does it taste good when roasted for 18 minutes, 20 minutes?

    Assuming that you want to do more than one roast in your 5kg roaster in a row, you really need to get to a point that is repeatable.

    215C drop temperature
    50C turn

    Sounds like a reasonable starting point to me, at the end of that roast you will be at 215C and ready for the next drop.

    Forget about other people's key temperatures and instead focus on what tastes good on your roaster, your beans and your environmental conditions... you will produce better coffee and enjoy the process more when you understand what the changes on the roaster do to the flavour.

    Enjoy the ride!
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