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Thread: Data logging / profiling software

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    Data logging / profiling software

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    Hey everyone, can users tell me the difference between the coffee sweet, heatsnobs and cropster? What they like and don't like about them or input about other software they like.
    I like the option to upgrade coffee sweet for full automation if going down that path.

    this is more directed to drum roasters


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    Hello Slice,

    I personally use Roastlogger, it's freeware which is awesome. The reason I use it is because it's clean, the graphs are uncluttered and extremely easy to read with all the important information clearly visible on the screen. I initially only had a Bean Temperature with a Victor 86B multimeter for logging data but then went on to buy an Arduino TC4C board and I'm now running a BT and Environmental Temp.

    I would love to purchase Cropster but at my current volume it's not viable at all to justify paying the dollars. Hopefully I can get busy enough to purchase it and use all of it's features effectively but until then, Roastlogger is perfect!

    I wouldn't recommend Cropster unless you were a commercial roaster doing well over 150kg a week, at this point it is a viable option in my opinion. The green bean stock guides, cupping sheets and not to mention the profiling systems are all absolutely fantastic but come at a very high price.

    I haven't used heat snobs or coffee sweet so I won't comment on either but when I was at the crossroad you're at right now, I looked at all the options and went with the clean and simple option. A choice I definitely don't regret!

    I hope this helps!

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    As Brendogs stated, cropster is great for commerical roasters who can justify the cost. You are looking at around $160 USD per month for a fairly basic plan. Is it worth it? I think yes for sure. It works fantastic and has boat loads of great features. For home roasters or guys who don't want the functionality of cropster, steer towards Coffee snobs or artisan software.

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