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Thread: Left the Behmor outside IN THE RAIN!!

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    Unhappy Left the Behmor outside IN THE RAIN!!

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    So we don't really need to go into how stupid this was *insert excuses here* but my Behmor was out all night under an eave at my new house, along comes a thunderstorm in the middle of the night that floods the spouting sending an unknown amout of water - assume lots - onto and into my Behmor...

    It's too big for a jiffy bag full of rice. I've taken the sides and top off and hit it with the hair dryer, not literally but I do feel like hitting myself.

    So, what to do? How long? Any specific areas or tips ? i.e. the fibre glass insulation which I assume is part of the afterburner exhaust is starting to disolve, can I get more?

    Feel free to have a laugh at my expense, tell similar stories but any serious advice would be greatly appreciated.

    As I said, at the new and unpaid for house, which eliminates the throw it out and buy a new one camp plus now I've got to get the spouting fixed too!!

    Thanks and enjoy!

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    Mate, it wouldn't hurt to contact Behmor support. They're generally very good. The worst that could happen is that they say they can't say anything for litigation reasons.

    I can't picture the fibre glass insulation that you are referring to.

    I'd at least be giving it time with the covers off. Not a sparky, will let others reply or PM you.

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    Thanks, I have used Behor support previously to diagnose and assist me with replacing a main board. They were great but I get a feeling they wouldn't touch this one with a barge pole but yeah, I should at east put it to them.

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    I would let it dry out thoroughly, maybe an oven at 50 degrees (don't want to hurt the electrics) if you are in a rush and it should be good to go.

    Just don't fire it up with moisture present (especially electronics and front panel etc).


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    Far from official support but I would suggest removing the side covers and the back plastic cover so you can see how much water is in there. Most of the sensitive electronics is in the right hand side.

    Dry with a hair-drier (low enough temperature not to melt wires/solder/electronics). Should be fine in a week aired out.

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