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Thread: MacGyvered KKTurbo reborn

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    MacGyvered KKTurbo reborn

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi all, first post here so apologies if I've missed something in the rules.

    So Saturday morning I finally cracked it when my Behmor 1600 "safety mode" caught me out (again!) whilst I wasn't paying attention. After much swearing (again!), I was spurned into action.

    Rummaged the cupboards for the parts I'd need for a build, wifes collander (while she wasn't looking), hardware, terracotta pot, a few electronics parts (arduino nano, stepper motor, bluetooth serial, thermocouples) I had lying about, a few minutes in Fusion360 to design up a gear box, a bit of arduino code to drive the stepper motor/probes, an app for graphing, and I was well on my way.

    This afternoon my first two roast batches are done, couldn't be more pleased, I dropped the PNG Wahgi in at 200C, and 12 minutes later I was at close to second crack.

    Next steps are to build the electronics onto a PCB, a second thermoprobe (one in the bean mass, the other in air) maybe even add PID control to the turbo oven heater.

    I hope you like it!

    PS. Know anyone who wants a Behmor 1600????

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    Great stuff g'79...

    Always good to see the art of MacGyver being carried forward...


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    I'm happy to see more builds of this great design
    My inbox is always never empty as I regularly receive enquiries for help to finish a KKTO roaster build project or photos of finished projects

    My personal roaster is getting close to 3000 completed roasts and is on the original drive motor and drive components
    Only Turbo Ovens have been changed as required

    Goose your design is similar to the first design I posted here on coffee snobs back in 2008
    May you have wonderful tasting coffee when you have full knowledge and control of your new roaster

    No I don't want your old roaster

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    Behmor Coffee Roaster
    Hi KK, thanks mate, I must say I took a lot of inspiration from your designs and a couple of youtube videos. Part of the fun is bodging what you have to make it work.

    I was highly surprised how easy it was to roast with, especially having a thermoprobe, so much so, the Behmors already up for sale.

    If anyones interested the 3D design files are up on thingiverse

    Thanks Dimal, was deeply rewarding to get this baby going!
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