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Thread: Thermomix as a roaster?

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    Lightbulb Thermomix as a roaster?

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    Hi All

    I am super new at all things coffee so I am extremely sorry if I am rehashing something already discussed. I did search Thermomix but it came back as no result.

    I have purchased an automatic coffee machine and want to roast my own coffee. I am hoping to use appliances I already have at home to do this.

    Has anyone used a Thermomix to roast? I can set certain temps and speeds for the blade to spin at (it can be set to not cut). Otherwise I will need to use a fry pan I think I had a laugh.

    Any tips for beans to buy (The peru beans?)


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    You need air temperatures up to around 260 C to roast... so Thermomix isnít anywhere close to capable.

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    Hi Sonia,

    I own one as well and they only generate about 100 deg C through its element and with roasting needing something in the order of twice those temps (see above) you'd need to introduce heat into the equation which I would not recommend at all. The machine just wouldn't take that punishment.

    There are other options around for DIY roasting if that is how you'd like to go and pan frying will work but will be inconsistent. I have an old Breville bread machine that I have hacked into a roaster but search on here for popcorn roaster and I'm sure you'll find some results as well.

    Good luck.


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    Yep as above re. Thermomix. I've been using an old bread maker with a heat gun and a temperature probe for quite a while now. Still surprised at how good the results are. You can get set up for about $70 bucks or so. Google 'Corretto roaster' on this site; plenty of info here.

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    Thanks all!

    I will can the Thermie idea and go a frypan to start with.

    Can I infuse other flavours into the beans while roasting? I am thinking nutmeg, cacao or cinnamon...

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    Personally I wouldn't. I would add them in after - probably shot by shot (or brew by brew).

    You will more than likely find that the spices will burn well before the beans and if you accidentally find that what you added was far too much, there is no going back! On a side note it is quite popular to add a little salt to a shot in Cuba.

    Frypan is a good start, or an old popcorn maker. I bought a popper from target for about $15 and did a few mods to increase air flow and cool the thing. It lasted a month until I decided the Behmor was the way to go. It is super fun though! Good luck!

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