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Thread: Huky 500T Importation Costs

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    Huky 500T Importation Costs

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    Hello all,

    I've been looking into purchasing a Huky 500T for a couple weeks and have gone through most of the internet with a fine tooth comb to compare the Huky with other roasters, however there isn't much information from fellow coffee lovers in Australia with the Huky 500.

    Something that has really worried me about purchasing the Huky 500T is importation costs and certification of the roaster. Has anyone in Australia purchased a roaster from Mr. Li and what types of extra costs have the Australian Customs required? Did you have to jump through any hoops in terms of certification issues of the stove or any part of the roaster? I'm looking to buy the roaster for my own personal home use.

    Oh and Mr. Li has quoted me $1721 USD for the roaster to include the stove, and all the extra accessories such as the extra fan, extra sieve, extra funnel.



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    Quote Originally Posted by runjmb View Post
    Is there any issues with customs importing the Huky 500T into Australia for home use? Do you have to pay for any certification or customs fees?
    Might be an idea to avoid posting the same query multiple times.

    I would think that you'll (at least) have to pay customs / gst on the import.

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    A quick search revealed this thread...


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    +10% GST (on the import price)
    +5% duty (on the total including freight)
    maybe $400+ for a import broker to clear it (random amount depending on who the broker is and what they can get out of you)

    It won't have any Australian certification.
    You probably won't have any home insurance if something goes wrong.
    It might not be safe to use.

    ...or you could buy 6 Behmor 1600 roasters, delivered to your door with 15kg of coffee and Australian certification so your home insurance still exists.

    Yeah, I sell the Behmor but there's at least one reason it's the only roaster we sell!
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    Behmor Coffee Roaster
    Thank you for the replies guys.

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