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Thread: Tiny little DIY roaster - good idea?

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    Tiny little DIY roaster - good idea?

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    Thanks for looking.

    I'm thinking of using cartridge heaters embedded in two flat metal plates (one plate for top and the other for bottom) and surrounding the plates in refractory material, controlling the heaters with a MCU, relay and temperature sensor (using a sane roast profile).

    There would be just 1 layer of beans with heat coming directly at them from the top and the bottom (roasting area maybe 200x100x1cm), would that work, if all the beans are right next to the plates could I get away without agitating the beans?

    Would this give great results, opinions?



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    Sounds interesting, but temperature adjustment might be a problem? The refractory material might be too much thermal mass to change the temp quickly.

    Also the problem with no agitation might be that one side of the bean is more developed in roasting than the other -ie burnt one side.

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    Like running them through a photocopyer but both sides at once...

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