Just curious if anyone in Australia is using the Kaldi Fortis?

I am wanting to move from a KKTO to a gas fired drum roaster for small scale roasting and this looks to be a superb option, particularly as I have no ability to fabricate a drum roaster like this myself.

Understand that is a BYO heat source option but was just thinking of using an LPG single ring burner and 9kg bottle (adding a pressure gauge to help with a visual representation of heat application).

On HB forums this roaster gets very good praise, for me it ticks all the boxes (solid drum, 500g-ish batch size, capable of back to back roasting). With a current deal on the evil bay I can land this + chaff collector/cooler and the gas burner for under $2.5K which seems far more reasonable than a small commercial option such as the JYR 1kg especially as this roaster seems to be as capable as such a commercial option.

Appreciate any input.