The Behmor AB is making a bit of noise via here, email, social media etc and I though it was time to post a new thread.

Firstly and importantly, it does not exist!

Secondly, it's a minor upgrade to meet new EU rules.

Hand made prototypes of the 220v/230v/240v model are currently going through the certification process in Europe to meet their new electrical noise and safety standards. This roaster has some added insulation, different electrical components and double pane glass in the door to meet those standards.

This is the vaporware picture currently in BeanBay.

* The most obvious change is the colour, yes, it's "All Black" (AB).

* It has a different front handle from both the original USA and AU models.

* The side circuit board and the front panel use different electronics

* Roaster usage is the same.

The current schedule looks like the EU model will get certification about July and the AU electrical standards shortly after.
We will then build a container load of roasters and have them shipped here. September is the best guess at the moment.

Per the BeanBay listing, please use the [Contact Us] to get added to the Behmor AB notification list. We'll email updates when we have them.