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Thread: The Lunch Room

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    The Lunch Room

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I was just out for a mid-afternoon walk after being stuck in the office all day. As I strolled along Grenfell St I stopped at number 132 when I saw one of these in the window:

    I just had to go in for a short black, and Iím glad I did. *Definitely one of the better coffees Iíve had in Adelaide. *By the look of their take-away cups, I assume the beans also come from Veneziano.

    Does anyone know of any other Synchros in Adelaide?

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    Re: The Lunch Room

    Not sure, but Angelos been passionate about good coffee in Adelaide for a looong time. Difficult when hes got more than just coffee to take care of but I reckon he does a great job! Ive been in there several times in the last five or so years and hes been through a Wega, an ECM Veneziano and now hes onto a Synchro. Good luck to him, hes definitely one of the ones to watch in that area.

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    Re: The Lunch Room

    I used to work here when it first opened! Great place to cut your teeth on an espresso machine. It was about 11 years ago now (lattes were just taking over from cups-o-chino :D ), but the original owner took on Angelo as a partner and neither of them have looked back! The lunch room has always been serving great coffee, and now using Veneziano they would be one of the better places in the Adelaide CBD. The baguettes are addictive too...

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